Business Signage in the Douglas Shire: Are you compliant?

The Chamber recently received enquires / complaints from parties as to Council’s recent approach to demand rectification of business signage on some areas of Davidson Street Port Douglas.
In response to concerns raised by the Chamber, the Council advised:
1.            Council has no intention to conduct a Shire wide audit of compliant or non compliant signage.   Council officers are required to investigate matters following a complaint being made to Council  or in circumstances where breaches of the Planning Scheme or local law are observed by local officers.
2.            Council’s planning scheme regulates the location and type of signage able to be displayed by business in the Shire.  The Planning Scheme’s rules regarding signage are set out in part 4.6.1 of the Planning Code.
3.            The Planning Scheme affects all Roads in the Shire irrespective of whether the road is a state controlled road or council controlled road.  State controlled roads in the Shire are the Captain Cook Highway, Port Douglas Road and Macrossan Street, part of Davidson Street at Craiglie, Alchera Drive and Front Street Mossman and the Mossman Daintree Road.  Where the road is state controlled, the Council requires that the Business obtain Department of Main Roads consent to the signage.
It is disappointing to the Chamber and those affected members that complaints were made to signage which had been existing for some time previously without complaint.   However the Planning Scheme does regulate signage and business’ have a legal obligation to ensure their signs are compliant.
If you believe your signage may be in doubt, we suggest you get it checked out.  The cost of rectifying non compliant signage and potential negative impact upon a business can be incredibly time consuming and expensive.   If as a business you believe that the Signage codes is overly restrictive then the Chamber recommends that you make submissions to the new planning scheme which should be released for public consultation this year.

Click Here to View the Planning Scheme

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