A new President for the Chamber!

via NEWSport

❝LIZ Ross, the recently appointed president of the Douglas Chamber of Commerce will be looking to make a number of significant changes over the next twelve months. 

The long-time Chamber committee member, who runs Far North Training and Consultancy, said that as president she is determined to find out from the Douglas people what is it they actually want from the Chamber.

“I'm going to try to actually go out and talk to people as often as I can and get sort of instantaneous feedback and hopefully they’ll tell me what they think people need or would like to see,” Ross said.

“For example I was talking to a business owner last weekend and one of the things that they would like to see is more of a Christmas promotion in town, where businesses support each other and might open longer and do some late night shopping.

“We just need people to tell us, so that we can put those things on and we can organise those things if it's possible,” said Ross.

Ross also said she would like to see more local businesses get involved in the Douglas Chamber of Commerce to help continue to create improvements in the shire. 

“We can all do our little bit but sometimes you need that collective good to bring about change.

“Everyone (in the committee) is a volunteer and that's the one thing I'd like to see more of,” she said.

“We've got a lot of small businesses in Port Douglas and it would be really great to see some people be prepared to come along and help because you can't reinvigorate by just having the same people doing it all the time. Any association that relies on volunteers only works as well as the volunteers who are willing to give up their time.

“We’re always looking for a continuous improvement cycle. That's just the way it is, that's how we've got to work.” 

The Chamber is a business focused group that helps support and sustain local businesses across the shire and Ross said that she would like to see more of these small businesses working together.❞

Renegade Moss