Labour Hire Laws are Changing

Labour Hire Licensing and Compliance changes will take effect on June 15, 2018.

From 15 June 2018, all labour hire providers must ensure they have:

+ a licence to provide labour hire services
+ submitted an application for a licence.
Labour hire providers can apply for a licence from 16 April 2018, and have 60 days to apply for a licence. The transitional period from 16 April to 15 June 2018 is to ensure that business arrangements between users and labour hire providers will not be disrupted by the commencement of the scheme. You can check if a labour hire provider has made an application by viewing the pending applications list. Once an application is granted it will appear on the labour hire register. If you continue to use a labour hire provider whose application has been refused you may be penalised for using an unlicensed provider.

We strongly recommend you visit the Qld Govt information website for further information (click on the image link below)