On the Liberal Party re-election....

Article via Newsport

The Douglas Chamber of Commerce welcomes the opportunity to work with the re-elected Liberal Government and will be seeking the support of Warren Entsch, who retained his Leichhardt seat.

In her post-election assessment, chamber president Liz Ross said the chamber’s position is that in welcoming the decision, her hope is that the proposed investment will enhance the town in the years ahead.

“Entsch stated that ‘this is one of the most important elections in a generation and it will define our region for the next decade’.

“And when asked to comment on the new Marina Development, he said that it will be a massive enabler for the Port Douglas region. 

“So for the sake of the town, let us hope that this investment will bring renewed interest and increase our visitor numbers while providing construction work along the way,” said Ross.

Ms Ross also expressed hope that more consideration will now be given to the Mossman Botanic Gardens. 
“The investment is needed to create and enhance our area through facilities that will educate, inspire and show our region to be leading the way to a sustainable environment where diversity is front and centre.”

Ms Ross said, as a Chamber made up of many small businesses which work extremely hard and play an important role in providing services and jobs in the local economy, they look forward to the support that will be provided and trust that the area can keep moving forward as an outcome.

“We don’t want closed shops, we want people to have work, we need to tackle those issues that now beset us, such as climate change. 

“We need to provide for generations to come. Let our legacy be one that our children’s children are grateful for not being hindered by our inability to work for the betterment of nature, the community and economy,” said Ms Ross.

Ms Ross, meanwhile, revealed that she had recently met with Major-General (Rtd) Stuart Smith, the State Recovery Coordinator for Queensland. 

“He wanted to gain feedback on business recovery since the floods and damaging weather from earlier in the year. 

“Stuart provided information on where to look for information and it was good to know that the area has been part of his work to talk with 39 councils impacted by the events of nature. 

“By the end of May he hopes to submit his findings to the Queensland State Government. Once decisions are made, I am sure we will be informed and if need be, we can seek advice,” said Ms Ross.

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